Solar Case Studies

Commercial Solar Case Studies

One of the solar case studies you can examine, is our work on a 32.25 kW commercial system for Charles Woodturning & Joinery Pty Ltd.

Charles Woodturning and Joinery (CW&J) is a company that specializes in crafting nice furniture. Their factory in Preston requires a fair amount of electrical machines to operate in cutting, turning and crafting wood. Hence, their electricity consumption is very high due to the operation of these machines on a daily basis and Sustainable Solar Services was very happy to look into CW&J’s electricity data to determine an appropriate system size.

The following graphs below detail CW&J’s weekday consumption and seasonal hourly consumption:

solar case studies Weekday consumption

solar case studies seasonal variation

SSS also further looked into CW&J’s power generation vs consumption figures for each season, which can be viewed below:


By understanding CW&J’s electricity data, SSS could determine that a 33kW system will be the most beneficial size for CW&J to undertake. But of course, now there was the question as to whether or not a 33kW system could fit on one of their roofs!

CW&J’s main factory had a large flat tin roof space that has ample room for a good number of panels. In order to reduce the amount of panels, SSS decided to offer Jinko panels that had a 260 W output.