2kW Solar System

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Our 2kW Solar System

2kw solar systemIf your electricity consumption is relatively low at around the 4,500 kWh mark per year, then a smaller 2kw solar system size would be ideal for you. A suitable client profile which would fit that consumption, would be a retired couple. The system has a very attractive price and it comes with an option which you can choose to extend later. A 2kw solar system roughly saves around 35% of your electricity bill.

This system comes with CEC approved world-leading brands only. Tier-1 Jinko panels are included and the inverter that we normally use in conjunction with the 2kw solar system, is the JFY inverter. This inverter has a local service center in Victoria!

2kw solar systems don’t take up a lot of space on your roof. As there are only 8 panels, the area size of the system is around 12.8 m2
A rough price for the 2kw solar system is around $2,999. We ensure that there are no hidden costs and this price includes all of the installation, warranty and paperwork costs, along with the solar rebate and GST.