Solar Components


Solar Components of a System

In a single solar system, there are many components involved and each of them are essential in making sure that your system is secure, safe and requires little maintenance. Within this page, you can view all of the solar components involved and find out how they operate, how they fit into the overall design of the system and what quality brands each component is manufactured from.

Below is a list of the solar components imbedded in each solar system:

solar components panels

Solar Modules:

Of course, these are the most essential components required in the system and they are the ones which obtain the electricity for you from the sun!

inverter solar components


Other than the modules, the inverter is the single most important component in the entire solar system. All appliances only require AC power, and it is the inverters job to ensure that this AC power is delivered.

isolator solar components

Isolator Switches:

Isolator switches are like a vehicle air-bag. You never know how it really works until you need it! No component has caused more damage to homes than DC isolators, and you can learn more about them here.

Racking Solar Components

Racking Equipment:

Learn about the sort of racking used for holding the modules together. There is different racking for different types of roofs.

Cabling solar components


Essentially, the cables connecting the entire system together must also be sized accordingly. Click on the above link to find out more.








Time to time, the performance of your solar systems needs to be monitored always. This is essential so you can be notified if there are any faults with the modules or the inverter.

Batteries solar components


Solar batteries can be used to store energy from the sun which can then be used later in the day. Batteries are very essential for an off-grid solar system.


If you have any inquiries or unsure about the operation of these solar components or for any other technical expertise advice, you can always feel free to contact us.