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It is imperative that you understand the economics behind solar energy, if you want to invest in it!

Learn all about solar finance here. If you are unsure of taking on a solar system for your house or company, you can rest be assured that there are plenty of economic benefits for solar energy.

Feel free to check out our solar calculators which can give you an idea as to how much you can save and why you can go solar.

Within Australia and Victoria, there are incentives known as solar rebates. In case you’re unsure, a rebate is the return of a portion of the purchase price by a seller to a customer. What separates a rebate from a discount is that the rebate is given after the payment of the full invoice amount. You can learn more about solar rebates here, to grasp what role they play within the economics of solar energy.

There are many solar finance instruments available.

You can check out our frequently asked questions section to understand more about solar power and what impact they have on the economics of both the state and country.



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